Seed Developments is the leading company in the world producing promotional seed products, in a wide range of shapes and sizes, as bespoke marketing tools for clients. Below are a small selection of partnerships which have led to successful brand growth. Hover over the images to read more.

A campaign in partnership with the doll manufacturer Barbie, designed to inspire children to grow their own plants.


A hands-on approach to promoting fresh produce for fast food chain McDonald's.

The seed mats are easy to grow and delicious in home made burgers!


We provided the seed mats for this exciting, bespoke marketing campaign for OWL.

These fantastic grow boxes are a great way to keep your brand present in the minds of your potential customers.


Aimed towards a younger target market, these seed mats produced for VeggieTales are a great way to get kids interested in growing and gardening.


A wonderfully colourful campaign for Fabuloso.

The simplicity of our seed mats is shown through the 2-step growing guide incorporated into the print design.

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